Membership in the Chapter

Membership available in the Pinckney District Chapter is at the following levels:

Associate Membership $20.00 (This is available to members of other SCGS Chapters. Be sure to provide your chapter and State Membership Number when applying for Associate Membership in the Pinckney Chapter.)

Individual Membership (Includes chapter and state membership dues): $25.00

Family Membership (Two people at the same address who share a state membership number and receive only one copy of the PDC Quarterly and state publication): $30.00

All dues are on a January 1 - December 31 calendar year basis.  Membership dues should be mailed to PO Box 5281, Spartanburg, SC 29304. Members who join (or renew) after March 1 are entitled to that year's back issues of the quarterly, but must pay $1.60 extra per issue for postage.

Each chapter member is also a member of the State Society and receives The Carolina Herald, notices of the Annual Workshop and the Annual Meeting of the Society, and is entitled to reduced rates at State and Chapter workshops.  Membership includes subscription to the PDC Quarterly.  PDC queries are free to members and are $3.00 each for non-members.  Queries may be sent to: Editor, Pinckney District Chapter, SCGS, PO Box 5281, Spartanburg, SC  29304 or e-mailed to Mike Becknell.

 We encourage members to submit material for publication in our quarterly.  Abstracts and transcripts of original material such as old Bible records, early ledgers, county records and old newspapers are preference.

Genealogical Records and charts of people from our tri-county area are also desired for our Archives; please give sources of information!


We are volunteers and errors may appear. Please let us know if you find one, giving us the source of your information, so that a correction may be published.



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